About Us

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is a reputable and longstanding organization dedicated to the scientific investigation of UFO sightings and related phenomena. Founded in 1969, MUFON has been at the forefront of collecting, analyzing, and documenting data on UFO encounters, aiming to provide a better understanding of these unexplained aerial events. With a vast network of investigators and researchers worldwide, MUFON has become a leading authority in the field, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

Florida MUFON, as part of this extensive network, focuses on investigating and documenting UFO sightings specifically within the state of Florida, which receives an average of over 400 reported cases each year, demonstrating the significance of the work carried out by our dedicated volunteer investigators. They play a crucial role in meticulously examining these cases, gathering data, and contributing to the ongoing pursuit of unraveling the mysteries surrounding UFO phenomena.

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